Nor1 is the leader in hospitality merchandising technology

Our scientific and predictive approach uses algorithms trained on more than 100 million unique buyer behavior records and 500 million upsell offers. In addition to this “big data,” Nor1 holds numerous patents on upsell merchandising and pricing systems, that leverage a state of the art predictive analytics and artificial intelligence architecture data structure. Nor1 provides the hospitality industry’s only full life-cycle merchandising platform.
The Nor1 PRiME® “decision intelligence engine” powers merchandising solutions by using a scientific understanding of statistics, customer behavior and willingness to pay.   PRiME® increases a company’s revenue by identifying under-utilized inventory and providing targeted offers in line with customers’ preferences and willingness to pay. In other words, PRiME® dynamic decision intelligence predicts the right upsell offers at the right price for the right customer at the right time. The results make everyone happy.

   Nor1 Services over 1 Million Rooms in more than 100 countries, 50 Currencies and 20 Languages.

Nor1’s mobile-optimized merchandising solutions include:

eStandby Logo – Boosts a property’s bottom line by creating a demand for premium inventories at the time of booking; room upgrades are not awarded or confirmed until just before arrival.
eXpress Logo – Takes eStandby® requests and real-time available inventory into consideration; upgrades can be scheduled until day of check-in.

CheckIn Logo – Empowers front desk teams across properties, chains and brands to deliver relevant, revenue-maximizing offers consistently and effectively, regardless of how a reservation was booked or whether contact data is available.
eReach Logo – Offers real-time, targeted and relevant room inventory and hotel amenity offers to the right guest at the right time, actively engaging guests during and throughout and even after their stay.

Combining eStandby Upgrade®, eXpress Upgrade™, CheckIn Merchandising™ and eReach™, each driven by the power of PRiME®, means having a powerful and progressive tool right at one’s fingertips.

All these products are served by Nor1’s cloud-based Universal Upsell Management Portal, an enterprise-level one-stop shop that manages a property’s content, business rules, and pricing and merchandising intelligence to optimize revenue opportunities across a reservation’s entire life cycle.

Nor1’s fully coordinated merchandising and ancillary revenue management portal focuses on both increasing revenue and improving the guest experience.

Additional benefits of the Nor1 Merchandising Platform:

  • Supports a broad product array
  • Property-specific knowledge educates and guides the customer
  • Provides insight into guests’ on-property spend
  • Increases customer loyalty
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