Attention Revenue Managers: 10 Tips for eStandby Success

by admin on February 10, 2012 in Hospitality with Comments Off on Attention Revenue Managers: 10 Tips for eStandby Success
  1. Don’t procrastinate. In the hectic world of hotel daily life, many tasks compete for your time. One way to avoid a last minute crunch is to handle your eStandby Upgrade responsibilities early in the day, or even several days before guest arrival, especially, if you know the desired room type will usually be available. You will be less likely to miss the revenue opportunity!
  2. Just because you are full, doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade. In fact, many of our skilled users make most of their money when they are full, because they usually have sold more lower-rated rooms than they have in actual inventory, or they have Run of House rooms that can be placed anywhere. Simply award your e Standby upgrades first to get paid for them, then, handle the rest of the room moves as needed to balance the house. SOLD OUT. Don’t forget, just because you are sold out does not mean you can’t earn more revenue. Upgrades may be available and you can increase RevPAR without increasing occupancy by awarding them from the SmartQ.
  3. Think ahead. Just like in a Chess Match, planning more than one move can often pay off in the Nor1 eStandbyTM Upgrade world. If you have multiple requests, look for opportunities to move someone to a high end suite with one upgrade and then fill in their vacated room with another. It’ll be a sure Checkmate!
  4. Sell it, don’t give it away. Many front office managers rightfully were taught to use the “Upgrade” as a low cost (or even free) way to deal with guest complaints. That was before eStandby. Now, we all know exactly what the opportunity cost of an upgrade really is because we have a SmartQ list of customers willing to pay it! If a room upgrade foregoes $60 in revenue, perhaps, paying less for a few frequent guest points or a $15 F&B credit is a cheaper guest relations alternative than the “free upgrade.”
  5. Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Just because the actual room requested is sold out, does not mean the revenue opportunity is dead. If you have a better upgrade available for the length of stay, take the money rather than let the better room go vacant. Just make sure the upgrade price covers the added cost of cleaning the larger room.
  6. We love Loyalty. We have trained some of our frequent guests to expect a free upgrade, and the eStandby program fully supports this effort. If we know the parameters of the plan, the entitlement upgrade will appear in the SmartQ at a cost of zero dollars. However, if the loyal guest wants to standby for an even better room, we also have this option at a lower rate than the non members pay. Don’t forget to charge for this. The member is still getting his full membership benefit and his low-cost eStandby upgrade to boot!
  7. Ready, aim, fire! When working the SmartQ, it’s a good idea to look around in the SmartQ before you begin awarding. For the most part, the list has been ordered by total revenue; but don’t forget to look down the list and at tomorrow’s arrivals for possible multiple moves and longer lengths of stay that might bring even higher returns.
  8. Congratulations. Make sure you congratulate your guests for choosing the eStandby upgrade; it will remind them of the benefit you offer, reinforce their behavior, and lead to greater guest satisfaction scores.
  9. Ugly Duckling. Do you have a small room with no view that nobody wants? Why not add free internet and breakfast or access to the executive lounge and make this an upgrade and sell it on the eStandbyTM Upgrade Program? Be a revenue hero in your own property!
  10. Don’t blame me! Most of our daily hints have come directly from our users, like you! If you have a hint you’d like to share, please email us at