How Nor1’s eStandby Upgrade works with Passkey® GroupMax

  • Once guests have completed their hotel bookings through Passkey's GroupMAX, they are presented an offer to select a custom upgrade.
  • The opportunity to upgrade is first presented on the confirmation page of a completed Passkey booking,
    but is also presented through an event's various email campaigns.
  • Hotel guests view a customized, data-driven offer set complete with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. They can request one or more upgrades from the offer set, committing in advance to pay for any requests that are granted at check-in.
  • Upon check-in, if your hotel is able to fulfill the eStandby Upgrade, the guests are notified at that time and the eStandby fee is added to their bills. If not, the original reservation stands and the guests pay nothing extra.

Sign Up Your Brand, Chains,
And Hotels For Upsell Success

1000s of hotels worldwide are now using Nor1's upsell solutions
to more effectively price and merchandise premium inventories
and services, capture unrealized upsell demand, and improve
guest satisfaction through an "upgraded‚" stay experience.

It’s All Upside with eStandby Upgrade!

Grow Your Revenue
Every eStandby Upgrade that is fulfilled by your property is found money. Revenue results from eStandby are solid from the start and only get better over time as the solution gets “smarter” with each guest interaction.

Create Demand for Premium Inventory
Gone are the days of watching premium rooms sit empty and undervalued. With eStandby, upgrades can be awarded to customers eager to have a better experience while establishing demand and a willingness to pay for those once overlooked premium offerings.

Consistent Branding
eStandby Upgrade includes enticing photos, compelling and concise room descriptions, and website and email designs consistent with hotel branding, color schemes, and messaging.
Easy to Implement and Manage
Not only is eStandby integrated with Passkey's GroupMAX to increase revenue from your group bookings, but eStandby can also be integrated with your brand booking engines and other guest communications. Nor1’s account team is available to assist your property with all ongoing content management and provides on-demand analysis and recommendations to help hotels maximize revenue. With certified two-way integration between eStandby and your PMS, the process for the local property staff is even more efficient.

Supports Existing Loyalty Programs
The eStandby system can identify guests who have requested an eStandby Upgrade and are also a member of the property’s loyalty program. All communication with the guest is professional and appears to come directly from the hotel to enhance the guests experiences and increase loyalty.

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Getting Setup with eStandby Upgrade

If you are an existing Nor1 customer who has not yet enabled eStandby Upgrade
throughout GroupMAX, simply follow these links to learn how to quickly expose
your event attendees to these upgrade opportunities.

1. Activate the Nor1/Passkey Interface
2. Enable eStandby on the confirmation pages of Passkey bookings
3. Enable eStandby on your confirmation and pre-arrival email campaigns

Activating the Nor1/Passkey Interface

Contact your Nor1 Account Revenue Manager to ensure your property is eStandby activated on Passkey. Upon confirmation, you can verify eStandby enablement yourself by following the simple steps below.

Enabling eStandby on the Confirmation Pages
of Passkey Bookings


As part of the implementation process, both your Hotel Profile and Bundles within GroupMAX have been updated so that all groups that are built moving forward will be automatically enabled to utilize the Nor1 eStandby integration. Please take a moment to verify that the correct room codes were added to the Room Type Library for each room type. This step was completed as part of your implementation, but should be verified to ensure that all room types are set-up appropriately.

To do so, access your Hotel Profile in GroupMAX, select Libraries and then select Room Types from the Library sub-navigation menu. On the Room Type library landing page, verify that the correct room type codes appear in the “GroupLink code” column.




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2A. Getting Setup with eStandby Upgrade

As previously mentioned, all new groups created with a bundle will be automatically enabled to utilize the Nor1 eStandby interface. To enable eStandby for existing groups in GroupMAX, please complete the following steps:

1. Access the existing group within GroupMAX. From the Event Home page, select Website.



2. Within Website, check the Nor1 checkbox that appears within the section “Services to Display on the Booking Website.”



3. Click Save.

4. From the Event Navigation Menu, select GroupLink.



5. From the Event Navigation Menu, select GroupLink.


6. Click the Edit Multiple button


7. From the pop-up window, select all room types and click Display Selected.



8. Verify that the appropriate room type code is added to the room type field. If the room type code is missing, add the appropriate room type code.



9. Scroll down the page and repeat this process for all room types, updating as necessary.

10. Click save.

NOTE: It is key to note that GroupLink set-up on the group must be complete in order for the Nor1 interface to work correctly.


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Enabling eStandby on your confirmation and
pre-arrival email campaigns


3A. Access your Group Campaign home screen (under Manage > Libraries > Communications) where all the master campaigns are held. Turn on the master campaign by clicking the on/off button, and then click the pencil icon to edit the campaign. (Please note that any decision made here overrides decisions made for specific groups, so while you may have a campaign turned on for a specific group, if it is turned off here it will not be sent). eStandby Upgrade is currently supported withing the Confirmation, Pre-Arrival, and Quick-Notify campaigns.



3B. Upon clicking the pencil icon, you will be brought to the Campaign Edit Screen.  To insert the eStandby offer link into the campaign, please utilize the drop-down box in the “Insert Tags” area in the “Content” section under “Layout.”  Please select “Reservation” from the list.



3C. Once “Reservation” is selected, simply use the adjacent drop down box and select “Nor1 Offer.”  You have to click the adjacent “green +” button to add it to the campaign.  You are able to move that tag anywhere within the body of the email, but to maximize conversion we recommended including the link at the top of the email just below the banner. Once you hit “Save,” eStandby Upgrade will be added to the master campaign and thus will be activated for any group that has the campaign set to on.

3D. To enable eStandby Upgrade in all eligible campaigns, simply repeat this process for the remaining confirmation, pre-arrival, or quick-notify campaigns.  Since all of the campaigns look exactly the same in the “Campaign Edit Screen,” you should be able to activate eStandby in no time!

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