CheckIn Merchandising™ hotel front-desk merchandising solution

An empowering upsell solution that intelligently makes the right offer for the right guest at check-in.



  • Various types/levels of Integration (PMS Agnostic)
  • Designed to drive agent behavior via Education, Gamification, Incentification.
  • Powered by Nor1’s PRiME® Pricing & Merchandising Intelligence Platform – Real Time Offers provided to CheckIn team.
  • Complete integration with eStandby® and eReach™.
  • Corporate Level Transparency & Management
  • “One Touch” – Goal, Incentive, Commission & Audit Management.
  • Hotel Outlets (Restaurant, Spa, Bar) merchandised along with Room Inventory.


  • Drives Optimized Revenue Production with Intelligent Offers & Pricing
    • On average $2+ incremental RevPAR for Business Hotels, $4-$6+ Resort/Destination, the majority straight to the bottom line.
  • Increases Guest Engagement and Satisfaction
    • What is measured is managed and increased. Real-time performance metrics motivate team to engage each and every guest with a strategic merchandising offer with a focus on enhancing the guest experience.
    • Surveys have validated that guests who receive upgrades (paid & unpaid) experience a 10%-20% higher level of satisfaction.
  • Creates Operational Efficiency & Reduces Expensive Overhead
    • Transforms all front desk agents into empowered, engaged upsellers
    • Real-time offer generation saves significant effort of Agent/Team at Check-in.
    • Management System – Saves hours and effort of team, so they can focus on serving guests.



CheckIn Merchandising™


Front desk personnel can feel confident in each upsell offer they make to a guest as it was created with real-time, decisions intelligence to better predict the customer’s willingness to accept that offer. CheckIn Merchandising makes the right offer whether the guest is a business or leisure traveler. The statistically driven PRiME engine is the innovative backbone to Nor1’s comprehensive upsell platform.

Scripted Offers



CheckIn Merchandising Management Reporting tracks agent performance from check-in to check-out. Reports are presented in a variety of customizable formats. Nor1’s CheckIn Merchandising can be configured to automate a staff incentive program, which will motivate usage and compliance to drive guest and employee satisfaction as well as revenue.

checkin merchandising gm report


CheckIn Merchandising Infographic


CheckIn Merchandising™ enables front desk teams to deliver upsell offers in a consistent and effective manner.

CheckIn Merchandising dynamically extends intelligent upsell offers to potentially all guests checking into a hotel, regardless of their booking channel or the availability of contact data. This sophisticated and smart upsell solution empowers front desk personnel to give each guest a better experience while boosting the property’s bottom-line.

Nor1 CheckIn Merchandiser


Benefits of a “Brand” Standard
CheckIn Merchandising Program

  • Transform all front desk agents into empowered upsellers
  • The right upsell offer is extended to the right guest
  • Loyalty and guest experience improves with relevant and targeted offers
  • Get more revenue from OTA bookings
  • Create greater utilization of fixed assets
  • Data capture and reporting for front desk incentive programs
  • Creates operational efficiencies

Nor1 CheckIn Merchandiser Offers

CheckIn Merchandising optimizes revenue beyond what is possible with manual front desk programs

CheckIn Merchandising upsell graphic

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