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An empowering upsell solution that intelligently makes the right offer for the right guest at check-in.



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eFDU™ enables front desk teams to deliver upsell offers in a consistent and effective manner.

eFDU dynamically extends intelligent upsell offers to potentially all guests checking into a hotel, regardless of their booking channel or the availability of contact data. Through a hotel’s PMS, this sophisticated and smart upsell solution empowers front desk personnel to give each customer a better experience while boosting the property’s bottom-line.




eFDU optimizes revenue beyond what is possible with manual front desk programs



Nor1 eFDU Check-in Upsell Solution

Benefits of a “Brand” Standard
eFDU Program

  • Transform all front desk agents into empowered upsellers
  • The right upsell offer is extended to the right guest
  • Loyalty and guest experience improves with relevant and targeted offers
  • Get more revenue from OTA bookings
  • Create greater utilization of fixed assets
  • Data capture and reporting for front desk incentive programs
  • Creates operational efficiencies

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eFDU is comprised of two modules


Front desk personnel can feel confident in each upsell offer they make to a guest as it was created with real-time, decisions intelligence to better predict the customer’s willingness to accept that offer. eFDU makes the right offer whether the guest is a business or leisure traveler. The statistically driven PRiME engine is the innovative backbone to Nor1’s comprehensive upsell platform.

FrontDeskUpsellScreenshot1-1024x612MANAGEMENT REPORTING: 

eFDU Management Reporting tracks agent performance from check-in to check-out. Reports are presented in a variety of customizable formats.  Nor1’s eFDU can be configured to automate a staff incentive program, which will motivate usage and compliance to drive guest and employee satisfaction as well as revenue.

efdu travel front desk upsell

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eFDU Integration with


Nor1’s eStandby Upgrade and eFDU are now available for hotels through integration with MICROS OPERA to deliver complete visibility of upsell offers, results and reporting.

View Inventory Availability Directly from the Awarding Tool:

eFDU Integration enables eStandby® upsell decisions to be made using a single tool, the PMS, and then updates the affected reservation records in real-time. In fact, the moment a hotel guest makes an eStandby Upgrade request, a special comment is inserted on the reservation record, indicating the selections made as well as the pricing commitment.

Faster Revenue Auditing:

Revenues generated by eStandby Upgrade and eFDU are automatically tracked separately from the guests’ initial reservations and can easily be moved to different payment windows, routed to separate accounts or simply excluded from existing AR arrangements on the reservation. This is particularly important for OTA bookings. Integration makes invoice/revenue auditing more seamless and allows accounting to work on exceptions, rather than an all reservations audit.

Consistent Communication to Guests:

Nor1 solutions use OPERA’s alerts functionality to ensure accurate information is available to your agents and proper communication is provided to your guests, resulting in improvement in overall guest loyalty and satisfaction.


eFDU Management Reporting offers:

  • Detailed insight into agent performance :
    • shift-by-shift, day-by-day, and agent-by-agent
  • Automated tracking and measurement for Agent
    • Incentive Program : customizable per ‘brand standard’
  • Standardized reporting across brand throughRegional/ Corporate “Roll-up” views to allow centralized tracking of Front Desk performance across brand or portfolio
    • templated reports; Drill-down custom views available







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