Nor1’s pre-arrival, easy-to-manage program actively increases RevPAR and boosts guest satisfaction.



  • Various levels of Integration (PMS Agnostic) – Nor1 is an Oracle Gold Development Partner (OXI 2-way)
  • Sophisticated Pricing and Merchandising – Powered by Nor1’s PRiME® Pricing & Merchandising Intelligence Platform.
  • Integrated with Nor1’s eXpress Upgrade™, CheckIn Merchandising™ & eReach™ products.
  • Corporate Level Transparency & Management
  • Maintain control of your rates and inventory.
  • Optimized allocation of inventory available on the day of arrival.
  • Easy to use Administrative system and portal (Average Properties spend between 10-15 minutes a day to experience all the eStandby® benefits).





No Risk Revenue Optimization of Premium Inventory

  • Creates Revenue that was previously lost. Even incremental revenue in overbooking situations, at full occupancy, upgrade opportunities still exist and guests are willing to pay.
  • Enhances Guest Satisfaction. Guests of all types love to be upgraded (paid and non-paid).
  • Monetize and leverage room features – creating value that often can’t be captured via standard room category definition.
  • Identifies “willingness to pay” metrics of your guests that can be leveraged in every other upsell transaction.

Our experience and research show that PRiME®-generated eStandby Upgrade® offers yield significantly higher guest conversion (15%-20% on average) than traditional confirmed upgrades (less than 5%).

With eStandby Upgrade, every upsell offer fulfilled is additional revenue.

eStandby Upgrade empowers the hospitality industry to monetize premium inventory and services that may otherwise go unused and undervalued—and to relieve oversold situations. More importantly, hospitality companies can deepen their relationships with customers by creating active, meaningful 
interactions that build brand loyalty through 
personalized experiences.

Nor1’s pre-arrival upsell solution uses the hospitality industry’s most sophisticated pricing and merchandising engine, PRiME™, to make dynamic, individually customized, upsell offers. The patented PRiME takes into account all the important factors in order to return the optimal upsell offer for each individual in the reservation lifecycle.

eStandby Upgrade Pre-arrival

Embraced by hotels as a brand-standard, mission-critical tool; eStandby Upgrade is currently generating revenue for 1000’s of international mega-chains, regional hotel groups and independent hotels, resorts and casinos worldwide.

eStandby Upgrade Performance

eStandby Upgrade Increases Graph

eStandby Infographic

Helping Your Hotel Increase Revenue Per Exposed Guest

Hotels can leverage Nor1’s eStandby Upgrade® solution to:

  • Capitalize on an incremental revenue opportunity.
  • Establish a relevant value on perishable premium inventory and services.
  • Fill premium suites, restaurants, spas, entertainment venues, the golf course, the casino and more.


eStandby Upgrade Hotel Benefit How It Works
  • Generate offers that are relevant to the guest at pricing that fits their wallet (willingness to pay)
  • Make your awarding decision ONLY if you have distressed inventory
  • Gain immediate insight into Guest’s buying behavior
  • Maintain control of your rates and inventory
  • Incremental revenue
  • Easy to manage
  • Seamless PMS integration
  • Optimized allocation of inventory available on the day of arrival
  • Award rates are higher
  • Generate more covers
    – during off peak periods
    – for “high sunk cost” meal periods
  • Improve guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase profit margin by 30%
  • Requests are made on a standby basis
  • Property parameters include blackout dates
  • Creates spa awareness
  • Generates demand for spa services
  • Encourages guest interaction before stay
  • Fill known schedule “gap times”
  • Up to 20% in upsell revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Facility controls upgrade offer parameters including dates and times
  • Control prices and blackout dates
  • Drive more guest traffic to your low periods for:
    -Tee times
    -Show tickets
  • Or any other venue that could benefit from increased consumer traffic at certain times
  • Facility controls upgrade offer parameters including dates and times
  • Control prices and blackout dates

Nor1 Makes It Easy to Get Started!

  • Simple Implementation: Nor1’s Implementation Team bears the burden of set-up, including training of the property staff.
  • Easy Management: Nor1 provides analytical support and revenue management assistance.
  • Hassle-Free Contract: Property may opt out at end of the agreement with written notice 30 days prior to term’s end.

Nor1 At Your Service

Nor1 is not only high-tech but high-touch, too. We work along side our hotel partners to train their staff on our solutions and to maximize the property’s revenue potential. In the beginning, our team of Implementation and Account Revenue Managers (ARM) works with each hotel to ensure a simple and successful integration. And later, our ARMs provide ongoing content management, reporting, on-demand analysis, and recommendations to help hotels maximize revenue.

Our team of Account Revenue Managers works with each of our customers to ensure a simple and successful solution integration.

eStandby Upgrade Training and Support

Our Hospitality Operations team is never but a click or a phone call away. Nor1 will provide prompt support, guidance and decisive action on any issue or problem reported by a hotel property.

Please visit our Help Center to find quick answers to your questions or to contact our Account Management Center.

Nor1 has numerous training resources available to our partner properties. We provide training from integration to the front desk for each of our solutions. Hotels can access online tutorials and training information at this address:

Happier Guests in 10 Minutes a Day

Nor1 provides an intuitive system to access reports, change passwords, view training documents and most importantly, fulfill guests’ eStandby requests.

The Upsell Action Center makes it easy to realize more revenue with every eStandby offer.

  • Upsell requests display in revenue maximizing order
  • Hotel managers award eStandby Upgrades according to availability
  • Load/change rates, set restrictions and view PRiME controls

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