eStandby Upgrade®


With eStandby Upgrade®, every upsell offer fulfilled is additional revenue.

eStandby Upgrade® empowers the hospitality industry to monetize premium inventory and services that sometimes otherwise goes unused and undervalued — and to relieve oversold situations. More importantly, hospitality companies can deepen their relationships with customers by creating active, meaningful interactions that build brand loyalty through personalized experiences.


Nor1’s pre-arrival upsell solution uses the travel industry’s most sophisticated pricing and merchandising engine, PRiME®, to make dynamic, individually customized, upsell offers. The patented PRiME® takes into account all the important factors in order to return the optimal upsell offer for each individual in the travel lifecycle.

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Benefits of Nor1’s eStandby Upgrade®


Creates revenue opportunities

Creates revenue opportunities that are otherwise missed. Incremental upgrade opportunities exist even in full-occupancy/overbooking situations, and guests are willing to pay


Increases guest satisfaction

Surveys confirm that guests who receive paid or unpaid upgrades experience a 10-20% increase in satisfaction level


Monetizes and leverages room features

This creates value that can’t always be captured by a standard room category definition


Identifies “willingness to pay”

Identifies your guests’ “willingness to pay” metrics. These can be leveraged in every future upsell transaction


+ Increases RevPAR
+ Boosts guest satisfaction
+ Creates operational efficiencies


Monetize and leverage room features outside the


Offer sets that are optimized to help drive demand to under-utilized inventory





Traveler receives eStandby® offer via app, email or on confirmation page


Enjoy conversion rates above 1.45% industry standard!


32% average increase in original booking value for upgraded bookings!


ADR increases 1% – 5% when normalized across all bookings exposed!


More than 2 million guests are exposed to eStandby offers every month – 500+ million to date!

Happier Guests in 10 Minutes a Day

Nor1 provides an intuitive system that fulfills guests’ eStandby® requests,
creates advanced reports, provides training documents and more

Part of the Nor1 Universal Upsell Management Portal, Upsell Manager makes it easy to realize more revenue with every eStandby® offer
  • Upsell requests display in revenue-maximizing order
  • Hotel managers award eStandby Upgrades® according to availability
  • It’s easy to load and change rates, set restrictions and view PRiME® controls


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